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A collection inspired by two pieces of art found at the Stibbert Museum in Florence. Both pieces can be found below on the page titled "the dragon".


One piece is a helmet with floral-like pieces at the sides of the helmet. This reminded me of eyes. The second piece is a turquoise-colored creature of a dragon/turtle with a snake on its back. 


The jacket is made with a basic zipper front. It comes with a wide belt that has snaps in the back; the side of the belt is made with a knit white fabric to allow for ease of wear. On the front of the jacket, there are two, large floral embellishments. The petals were patterned and cut to the shape seen and then stuffed with quilting to give it a 3-D effect. Red strips of fabric were sewn onto the tops of the petals. Horizontal lines were sewn to the front and the back of the jacket with black thread. 

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