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A knitwear collection inspired by the artist Bridget Riley. 

Bridget Riley is an English artist known for her op-art (optical art) paintings, popular in the 1960s. I'm a fan of the pieces she did outside of the op art movement. While I love a good mind-boggling piece, her colorful pieces speak to me more.

I was inspired by her pieces Fête (1989), an untitled circular piece op-art piece (1964), and Evoë 3 (2003) 

I knitted swatches on the Brother knitting machine to go along with this collection. Click here to view!

Knit swatches differ from illustrated knit fabrics.Swatches were knit on a Brother Knitting Machine using size one yarns. Swatches were done in conjuction with the Bridget Riley Inspired illustration collection.  

Swatch 1 was knitted by putting random needles on hold.  Swatch 2 and 5 were made with punchcards. Swatch 3 and 6 were knitted by putting certain needles out-of-action and knitting the remaining needles in action. Swatch 4 was knitted by hanging random needles. 


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