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Look, Don't Touch

A collection inspired by the act of modesty. One can be fully covered, but still seen.

I found a painting in a museum (the one shown in the first image) that depicted a man trying to kiss a nun. The nun obviously rejects him and looks away as if she is rolling her eyes. I found the painting funny and relevant to our times. 


The collection is based on this painting and modesty in fashion. What does it mean to be modest in a time when showing skin is a part of the look? I interpreted modest fashion as being able to fully cover up oneself and being able to reveal some skin at the same time. You can still feel empowered with your skin covered up.

 The designs incorporate sheer fabrics, layers, and some form of the head wrap. 

Just remember to look, don't touch.

Look, Don't Touch Dress Process

The dress is made of muslin and a thin white lining. The skirt of the dress is triple-layered with snaps at the sides that open each layer so that the wearer may slip into the dress. The dress comes with a belt and a tie that wraps around the belt and a hood that is attached to the bodice of the dress. 

Look Process
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