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A collection based on the Studio Ghibli movie Howl's Moving Castle and the designer Martin Margiela. Howl's Moving Castle is an animated fantasy movie about two characters, a wizard (Howl) and a young woman (Sophie) who turned old, and their journey together. Howl travels with his moving castle, a moving vehicle made of different building structures. 

The movie combines futuristic technology reminiscent of steampunk fashion. Martin Margiela utilizes an intense use of structural design, a deconstructive method, and a mix and match of materials. 

In my collection, I designed each look of a character in the movie:

Madame Sulliman: The queen of the realm. She is regal and cunning. 

Sophie: She is a sweet, shy character that learns to grow into herself and take control. 

Howl: A wizard that has the ability to change into a bird creature. 

The Castle: A big round structure utilized as a vehicle of transportation.

The Witch: She is sly with an innocent motive.


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