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A collection based on the stop-motion animation movie My Life as a Zucchini (Ma Vie de Courgette).

Each section on this page (with the exception of the illustration and journal section) is a slightly different interpretation of my designs using different fabric and color combos, but each section shares the same inspiration.






These are knit fabrics created digitally for my "Childish Happiness" collection. These fabrics I created differ from the fabrics I used to render the collection orginally.


I have created a striped fabric, a purl fabric, a jacquard fabrics and two fabrics that would be created on the Dubied machine. The stripe and purl fabric digital swatch was created on the Stoll program. The jacuard digital swatch was created on Excel. I used a grid on Excel, with each grid box representing one stitch, and adjusted my pattern to the fit the knit gauge I wanted. 

The classic bubble stitch Dubied swatch is a swatch I made on the Dubied machine. I edited the colros in photoshop to match my color story. The knitting sequence and needle arrangement for the swtach are shown below. The jersey with tuck and miss stitches was made, not by me, on the Dubied as well. The knitting sequence is provided below as well.   

Knit Swatch Designs


This project was made using Kaledo. Once again, I created different fabrics to put into the garments.

Kaledo Weave was used to create original stripe and plaid patterns.

Kaledo Print was used to create the multi-colored prints. The prints were based off a a print I already had on a photoframe. I took the image into Kaledo and cleaned and repeated the pattern and the created colorways.

Kaledo Knit was used to create an intarsia design that I transfered from my original woven design. I created the stitch design in Kaledo; I included knit, purl and cable stitches in a 7gg fabric.